Palais Frankfurt

Multimedia┬┤s Infinite Variability

The highlight of the grand venue hall, the so-called Sala Grande exposes 1200 sq m surface offering space for up to 899 people (reception) or 450 people (seated). This space caters to exclusive events, product presentations, conferences or concerts.

Conceptualized to offer a multifunctional venue in the basement of the palace, this area has a generous ceiling height of 6,95 meters and a stately architecture. It is equipped with cutting- edge light- and sound installation as well as first-class technical infrastructure.

Along the north- and south front of this room you will find two grand balconies enabling a spectacular view of the Sala Grande with its 54 sq m impressive stage. Five over dimensional chandeliers and a precious classy parquet flooring become a vivid backdrop for infinite multimedia play and for extraordinary events.

The Sala Grande located next to a beautiful court yard, is an ideal stage for spectacular stage productions.

The Jumeirah Hotel Frankfurt, a five-star hotel meets the highest demands of its guests and of all those who seek enjoyment. This is where the juxtaposed PalaisQuartier underscores the cooperation with the hotel and its conference rooms, restaurants and rooms because it adds a location to host great events. Hence, a venue which offers extendible and flexible qualities.